Rock Report Rock Report  - Album Reviews  | OCTOBER 2nd, 2008


Assebroek Belgium

The artists who send their instrumental albums to Rock Report know very well that only a few get a spot on these pages. We normally don’t feature instrumental music that much and only a couple get handpicked by yours truly, depending on the qualities of the artist in question and the mood I'm in. This guy, known as The Guy and to his mother as Christopher Schreiner, is one of those exceptions but I have to admit: there were no two ways about his obvious talent.

I could actually hardly believe that this is the man’s solo debut. What a timing, tone & subtlety! Judging by the cover he’s still in his twenties, maybe early thirties so Mr. Schreiner still has a long path to travel upon. People that judge an instrumental album by the amount of shredding should turn the other way; this is for admirers of the right tone at the right place, the sort of music that can be enjoyed by candlelight with the misses.

A really extraordinary piece of work, I loved every second of it.
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