CW's Place  - Album Reviews  | OCTOBER 17th, 2008

By C.W. Ross

For those of you thinking that Schreiner must be stuck on himself with a A.K.A. like- ‘The Guy.’ Schreiner gives this explanation for how he got the nickname, “My father’s name is Christopher. My family and close friends have always referred to me as “guy,” to avoid confusion. Around the time I began playing in my first garage band, “The Assassins,” people started to call me “the guy.” I suppose that referring me in the third person regardless of the context became amusing. It stuck. Occasionally people interpret it as some pretentious declaration of superiority, as opposed to an affectionate moniker.”

Only Human
is not your typical shredding filled guitar instrumental album. It’s complex and mixes jazz, and rock styles with elements of modern and classic sounds. The sound is layered with not only lead guitar it also includes bass, drums, and keyboard parts that work as perfect accents to Christopher Schreiner’s guitar work.

Schreiner’s talent really shines brightly in this release. He’s no one trick pony. He shows a wide range of styles on Only Human that will appeal to both guitar aficionados and anyone that’s a lover of music that’s done well.
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