phase9_tv.jpg THE GUY
Album review by Natalie Homer

ONLY HUMAN is the 8 track debut release of Christopher Schreiner A.K.A. the guy. Don’t be fooled by the album cover which alludes to bland saxophone-led easy listening.  Not so.  Never has the saying, ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ been more appropriate.  The guy, a childhood nickname that stuck is a veritable guitar playing virtuoso.  This is high calibre instrumental jazz fusion with tones and moods that range from R&B to rock.

For a debut album, it’s pretty impressive, deftly combining elements of jazz and funk with contemporary mixed meters. His versatile soloing and diverse tones are clearly the album's focus, and he proves to be an adept rhythm player albeit a very earnest one.  One can only imagine where this lad’s talents will lead in good time.

Vintage Guitar compares him to Jeff Beck circa 1975 and Stevie Vai said, “Sweet, sweet playing guy! I mean really beautiful… They say one’s playing is evocative of who they are. If that’s true, you must be a really nice guy!”  - Read Full Review